Parish News

  • 8th
  • March

Kofi & Ama for the Year 2020

  • Sunday at 8:00am
  • 8th March 2020

1st -  Monday  Borns
2nd - Thursday Borns
3rd -  Tuesday Borns
4th - Wednesday Borns
5th - Sunday Borns
6th - Saturday Borns
7th - Friday Borns

  • 2nd
  • March

Bidding Prayers & Offertory

  • Sunday at 8:00am
  • 2nd March 2020

Bidding prayers and offertory for next week Sunday will be taken by Ushers.

  • March

St James Credit Union

  • Sunday at 8:00am
  • March

         St James Credit Union is calling on all Parishioners to save with them, soft loans are also available. Interested persons should go to the office next to the Counseling room on the first floor.

  • 24th
  • October


  • Sunday at 8:00am
  • 24 October, 2020

     Cathesis continues on Saturday 24th, October, at 3:30pm, after which Catechumens are to join Satureday Evening's Anticipatory  Holy Mass at 5 (This is especially for those who  do not attend Holy Mass on Sunday mornings.

  • 15th
  • November

Wilverson Driving School

  • Sunday at 8:00am
  • 15th November 2020

     This Driving School is offering a 6 weeks and 2 months training period with driving license. Registration is free for Parishioners , but the training and license would be paid for.

  • 18th
  • October

Our Lady Undeor of Knots Icon

  • Sunday at 8:00am
  • 18th October 2020

Parishioner's who want the replica of the Icon, Our Lady Undeor of Knots at a cost, should write their names with the administrator.