It is amazing to note that we are already in the latter days of 2022. That was a very fast one! No matter how this year has turned out, let us remember the  words  of  St.  Paul  in  1  Thessalonians  5:18,  “Under  all  circumstances  give thanks; for that is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus.”If we are lucky to be experiencing the last month of 2019, we must count our  blessings  and  name  them  one  by  one!  Like  Job  may  the  latter  days  of this year see more and abundant blessings than its beginnings (cf. Job 42:12). Amen!
In as much as Advent begins the Liturgical Year (we have ended Cycle C and  have  now  started  Cycle  A),  it  also  prepares  and  ushers  us  into  the  Season of Christmas, the most important celebration of the Church after Easter. I paid a visit to the Accra Mall and saw a Christmas tree already mounted and shimmering.
As Catholics, we cannot celebrate Christmas without purging our hearts to be the manger that Jesus would be born in. Let us use this season to clear our hearts of desires that prevent us from having intimacy with Jesus. Let us make this New Liturgical Year an extraordinary
You cannot remain in a particular class in school forever. Yes! You have to move forward. And this is the opportunity Advent gives us.
It  is  my  prayer  for  all  Parishioners  to  partake  in  the  activities  organised  for December. Do not miss any programme outlined for this month.


The absence of a Catholic Church in the Cantonment, Labone and “Regional Engineers” area required devoted Catholics to join their fellow brethren at the St. Peter’s Parish in Osu to celebrate mass. It soon became clear that distance was a difficulty causing parishioners despite all efforts to miss important session of the Sunday Mass.
A temporary solution was found at St Maroun’s Catholic Church, in central Osu. Although the Mass was spoken in Arabic, Mr. Osei Asibey, still an active parishioner and fellow Catholic parishioners were welcomed in 1961 by Fr. Abdullah to the Lebanese Catholic Community.
The Ghanaian parishioners at St Maroun grew over the ensuing year and included the late Mr. J H Allasani, late Mr. Bright Michael Opoku and Mr. Owusu Sarfo. In 1965, led and supported by the late Mr. J H Allasani and Mr. Owusu Sarfo, a request was made to His Grace, Emeritus Archbishop Dominic Kojo Andoh for permission for the Ghanaian elders to serve at Mass under the guidance of the Maronite Missionaries. His Grace, Emeritus Archbishop Dominic Kojo Andoh granted the request and Mass was conducted in English by visiting priests.
The late Mr. J H Allasani livened the Mass by organising a church choir interestingly made up of members of his household and later joined by the family members of Mr. Osei Asibey. Mr. Lawson later joined the choir as Choir Master.
The zeal and commitment of our fellow parishioners was recognised during a visit by His Grace, Emeritus Archbishop Dominic Kojo Andoh who conferred with Rev Fr Abdallah to arrange for accommodation and the appointment of a resident Priest to join Fr. Abdullah in serving the English speaking parishioners.

Our Mission

1.  Evangelization to win souls for Christ
2.  Holiness