Sunday School


1. Mr. Louis Kuddu
2. Antoinette Delle
3. Miss Ruth Brako
4. Mrs Susan Akoto
5. Mrs Valerie Prince- Agbodjan
6. Mr. Dossah Akakpo
7. Mrs Victoria Kesewaa Haizel
8.Miss Deila Asimeh
9. Faakornam Awusi Kwawukure
10. Mrs St. Claire Adotey
11. Miss Lucy Angdinuur
12. Miss Shika Amenyedor

Short Bible Verses

Start small — That sounds obvious, but for kids just beginning to memorize scripture it should be the absolute rule.Bite-sized Bible verses help kids learn truth, build confidence, and lay a foundation for longer memory work as they get older.

Sunday School Videos

It is important to keep in mind that children are like sponges and even though they may not retain everything we say, you never know which parts will be remembered, so every lesson needs to count. Watch some of the Sunday School videos.

Jesus Loves Little Children

Short Bible Verses.